This package was created as a tool for myself for interacting with RCM data archived on the Earth Observation Data Management System (EODMS) operated by Natural Resources Canada.

It provides a command-line interface for querying, ordering, and downloading data from EODMS as well as a Python client class EodmsAPI for doing the same operations from within a Python session.

$ eodms -c RCM -g aoi_polygon.geojson --dump-results
>>> from eodms_api_client import EodmsAPI
>>> client = EodmsAPI(collection='RCM')
>>> client.query(geometry='aoi_polygon.geojson')

Vector geometry files for spatial subsetting can be anything supported by Fiona (GeoJSON, Esri Shapefile, OGC GeoPackage, KML/KMZ, etc.)


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